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At Chabad, we believe in an open-door policy, where everyone is welcome regardless of affiliation, background or financial status. Unlike traditional synagogues,  Chabad Jewish Center of Novato does not ask for annual membership dues or require any building fund payments. Yet, we still have bills to pay.

Each Chabad Center is self-supporting and is funded individually from the charitable giving of individuals.  The Chai Partner initiative is comprised of individuals committed to the financial support of Chabad Jewish Center of Novato. These monthly donations in multiples of $18 (the numeric value of the Hebrew word “Chai”, meaning life) add up and make a great difference in covering Chabad's operational budget and our many programs.

Watch this 5 minute video to see some of the impact Chabad has in building a community: 

Click here to become a Chai partner!

Join our growing list of  Partners
Ruth Abrass

Tzahal Benavraham 
Pam Berkon 

Yakov Bismuth 

Michael & Ora Shoshan
Harry Bookstein

Levi & Esti Bonnardel 
Judith Borowsky  
Thomas & Shira Braum

Heshy Dubrowski 

Shy & Maya Echo 

Steven & Joan Ehrlich 

Steve Ellman 

Sharron Fisher 

Marjorie Forman 

Adrian Fried

Erez & Mushkie Friedman

Sasha Friedman

Renee Froman 

Shlomo Goldin 

Shmuli & Rebecca Green 

Orin & Liora Green

Reuven & Tamar Green 

Joe & Liz Greenberg

Gil and Rhoda Gross 

Ryan & Alexa Hamilton 

Peter Haas

Ariel Hess

Nate & Claire James

Uri & Etty Kadoch 

Murry & Elayne Klein 

Ken & Yana Kopilevich 

Ben Landa 

Menachem & Adina Landa 

Miriam Landa 

Meir & Chanie Lax 

Dyane & Richard Sax-Lisowski

Anne Malsin

Leo Roache & Devorah Novack

Sam & Lisa Roth

David & Margo Rubinstein 

Elisha & Tanya Rogalsky

Charles Salerno

Yitzy Smith 

Mark & Madeline Sheron 
Karen Tabachnick 

Haim & Esther Tebeka 
Michael & Irene Teper 

Roman & Mila Teper

Gary & Valerie Testa

Andrea Tobor

Yosef Vidal 

Avi & Yonit Willis

Ari Wilshansky

Edward & Debi Zimmerman
& several anonymous