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Our recent tour of Israel sponsored by Jewish Land and Spirit was beyond amazing. 

They are so organized and made sure that every possible detail was taken care of. 

We had full days activities scheduled with so many wonderful choices.  We were able to see fascinating architectural sights, sights where are ancestors are buried, up close where actual wars were fought, the caves where the Dead Sea scrolls were buried, the kotel and the tunnels below. 

Shabbat at the wall and Havdallah celebration nearby. 

There was so much joy, pride and happiness erupting into singing and dancing in so many places that we were…just incredible. 

There were retired military colonels speaking about the battles they led. 

This truly was and is the trip of a lifetime.

Sharon Haas - Community participant from 2023


“Thank you again for including me on such an incredible and inspirational trip to Israel. While I had been to Israel before, the JLI trip offered a wide range of activities and opportunities including important places that I had never previously visited.

What was especially meaningful to me was traveling with my cousin and seeing heritage sites together including the Cave of the Patriarchs where our ancestors Abraham, Isaac, Sarah, Rebecca are buried and visiting the Tomb of Rachel.

I enjoyed all the music and dancing throughout the land, especially with soldiers and at the Western Wall on Eruv Shabbat. Havdallah at the Jaffa Gate on Motzi Shabbat was very special as well.

I loved being with Rabbi Menachem and Adina as we journeyed through Israel together. The tour was a rich and moving experience, and very well coordinated. 

I can highly recommend joining the upcoming tour. It brings the TaNaK into living color and highlights the vibrant life of our Jewish heritage.  Connecting with the people living in the land makes it more than a tour, it is a homecoming! 
Am Yisrael Chai!”

Lynn B Jacobson, PhD - Community participant from 2023


JLI is a top-notch organization.the hotels were luxurious. The food was gourmet. The tour guides were phenomenal. I highly recommend this trip. We had a great time. Had a lot of incredible experiences and came back with a ton of photos and memories. That will last a lifetime.

Sam Roth - Community participant from 2023


Our March 2023 trip to Israel with JLI was an amazing experience.
I truly appreciated all of the detailed planning and logistics by the JLI team,
our Chabad Rabbis as well as the expert guides who taught us about
different aspects of Israel’s history and present-day issues.
This was my 1 st trip to Israel.
I learned so much more about Israel during this trip.
It is so uplifting to see how the Israeli people love the land and its heritage.
For me, standing on the Golan Heights at the Valley of Tears where the IDF
fought to win the Yom Kippur War (1973) was inspirational.
Meeting IDF soldiers and heroes plus hearing of their bravery and sacrifice
warms my heart.
Their love of and desire to protect and secure our ancestral homeland is
Each day of our trip brought new aspects of Israel to life for me.
Below are a few more of the many experiences that deeply moved me:
 standing in the Tzfat in the synagogue of our Jewish sage Rabbi Isaac
Luria (Ari) who revolutionized Jewish mystical thought,
 learning more about the Jews’ bravery in fighting the Romans at
Masada in an effort to preserve Jewish life,
 praying and dancing at Jerusalem’s Old City Western Wall with many
 touching the Western Wall tunnel close to the Holy of Holies,
 visiting Mama Rachel’s tomb in Bethlehem where Jews demonstrated
their determination to maintain access to this important site,
 touring the Cave of Machpelah in Hebron to stand at the tombs of our
patriarchs’ and matriarchs’,
 listening to the stories of bravery and sacrifice by the Rabbis,
Rebbetzin and soldiers who protect the Cave of Machpelah,
 being part of a large group of JLI participants who danced with the
Torah in Hebron and who celebrated Havdalah at Jerusalem’s Old City
Jaffa gate.
I plan to seek out ways to be a “positive ambassador for Israel”.

Nancy Cherney - Community participant from 2023