"I am home after Shabbat in the Heights, rested rejuvenated and pleasantly surprised.  I had an experience like none other.  My mind was lovingly challenged and stretched.  My heart softened because of all the genuine unconditional love showed to all of us.  My thinking shifted and i was intellectually stimulated every moment. 

Menachem and Adina went to great lengths to show us such interesting places and we met fascinating people.  I am thrilled I went and will definitely return.  It was the best weekend.  I highly recommend going without asking why.  Just go.  And trust.  It is worth its weight in gold." Lisa Satkin MA, MFT



 Thank you for taking me to the 770 building where I could see the Chabad Headquarters and enjoy the Crown Heights neighborhood. 

It was an amazing culturally enriching experience…I would have never been able to enjoy the warmth, joy and spiritual nature of the Chabad community without your help. The extra effort you put into the experience really made it special.     

I have been explaining to my friends, both Jewish and non-Jewish how it was very enlightening, educational and informative. It was like visiting the Jewish Dali Lama, only more personally relevant and culturally accessible. 

Image removed by sender.It truly is a must for anyone who is on a spiritual quest or is culturally curious.

Thank you again for making it a special time for those of us who experienced the weekend. I really enjoyed meeting the other people on the trip. I’m hopeful we will be able to continue to stay in touch. They were really a fun group! 

Warmest regards," - Don Davidson


"The people of Crown Heights were so welcoming! “Shabbat in the Heights” provided an itinerary created with warmth and a personalized touch. As an individual signing up for the trip. I found myself truly welcomed into an “extended Jewish family.”

The experiences I had enriched my Nashamah (Jewish Soul). I would highly recommend going as this was an experience of a lifetime! " - Shirah Braum RN


Hi Rabbi.

I too wanted to thank you, Adina, your family and the team for the warm hospitality, the event planning and, above all, the insight to Crown Heights. Being together with you made it so much more special. All was great, but 770 was truly an experience beyond expectation. 

Thank you again.

Jeff Anker


Dear Menachem and Adina, 

I agree with every single word that Lisa, Don and Shirah so beautifully wrote about our trip to Crown Heights!  The trip, which was three nights and four days, seemed like a wonderful week because the trip was so full of richness, walking, laughing, meeting the warm people of Crown Heights, receiving inspiration from the Rebbe and from the many kind and learned rabbis we met. 

I LOVED getting closer to our Novato group. 

Thank you, Menachem and Adina, for encouraging me to act on a trip back to my roots and my Jewish soul.

Judith Borowsky


Update #1(April 26 2018):

We are on a Community trip to New York. Visiting the Chabad headquarters in Crown Heights, the Rebbes community. Here is an update of the first 24 hours, stay tuned for more after Shabbat.

We went out for a kosher dinner at a dairy artisan restaurant called Basil followed by dessert at a kosher candy and ice cream store. My siblings met up with us which was wonderful. After a New York bagel breakfast this morning, we began today with a few private tours just for our group.

We started with a tour of an all-women's school for ladies of all different kinds of backgrounds, coming to learn more about their Judaism. That was followed by a tour given by a Scribe, who explained and showed us the entire process of making tefillin, mezuzot, torah scrolls etc. It was all so fascinating and special.

We then had a surreal experience at the Rebbe's library, containing 100s of years of artifacts and manuscripts. We even got a private tour of how technology was used to broadcast the Rebbe's talks world-wide from the 1970s.

We were wowed with a private tour of the Muchnik Art Studio, seeing the original artwork and behind the scenes for Artist Michoel Muchnik. We are looking forward to a beautiful Shabbat and program together with other communities from across the globe.

My personal highlight is the warm, welcoming spirit and hospitality of the local Crown Heights families, who welcome in people they've never met with open arms. - Shabbat Shalom, Rabbi Menachem Landa

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Update #2 (April 29 2018):

We just returned from our uplifting and inspirational trip to Crown Heights, "Shabbat in the Heights.".You may have read about our trip in my last email and FB Post before Shabbat. Here's a little more about what we experienced.

Before Shabbat, we received a tour of the Rebbe's Shul at 770 Eastern Parkway. This is the place where the Rebbe prayed and taught Torah to thousands of people (see here for what a picture of the farbrengen looked like) for over 40 years.

We made our way to the Rebbe's private office where he met countless people, from all walks of life, from Prime Ministers and senators, to my mother and older brother. In Chassidic circles, this place is known as the "lower" Garden of Eden. We had precious time praying on behalf of ourselves and our families, and all of you.

We then lit Shabbat candles and played a fun social ice breaker, meeting the 300 participants of this Shabbat. The cantor leading services throughout Shabbat was beautiful. We enjoyed a 4-course Shabbat dinner with exceptional food and words of inspiration from Rabbi Hanoka of Pasadena and Rabbi Kalmenson of London. Shabbat morning began with a full breakfast and a Chassidic class. The sermon was delivered by Rabbi Simon Jacobson, author of the bestselling book "Toward a Meaningful Life". After a full Kiddush, we heard an inspiring message from Rabbi Zippel, spiritual leader of Chabad of Salt Lake City.

We enjoyed lunch at my sister Chanie and brother in-law Meir. After meeting inspiring personalities in the Crown Heights community, we attended an uplifting Chassidic farbrengen until the conclusion of Shabbat. We enjoyed a musical Havdallah ceremony, followed by guest speaker Mrs. Molly Resnick and from the chief Rabbi of Russia. The evening concluded with a full dairy dinner and dessert. Sunday morning allowed us some time for shopping. We were privy to a private tour of the Rebbe's home as well as stories about the Rebbetzin. we then visited the resting place of the Rebbe at the Ohel, concluding the trip on a high. 

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