"And Ruth said, ... wherever you go, I will go, and wherever you lodge, I will lodge; your people shall be my people and your God my God. 
Where you die, I will die, and there I will be buried." (Ruth 1:16)

We announce to you, the opening of the community Jewish cemetery.

It will follow the standards of traditional Judaism.

This new section is part of the Mt. Tamalpais cemetery & Mortuary at 2500 5th St. San Rafael.


We were very careful to choose a section that is on flat ground, so that it can be accessed year round with easy by family members.

The section is surrounded by trees and nature. 

The name of the section is Beth Hachaim.

The cemetery allows for green burials too.


To purchase plots you can call the cemetery directly at 415-459-2500.

They will be dealing with the financials of this.

For the next 6 months, the plots will be sold at a $1000 discount. this promotion will expire on Nov 1 '2022. 

You are welcome to call me with any questions. My cell is 415-312-8385.

The purchase of plots is done directly with the cemetery.

But please let us know if you are considering purchasing plots. So we can help you along the way and ensure you save $1000. Email [email protected]

I pray that you be blessed with long life and that this investment is one that you buy now and never use! 


You can read the Frequently Asked questions here:

Where is this section located?

It is part of the existing Mt.Tamalpais cemetery & Mortuary located at 2500 5th St. San Rafael.
It is on the ground level, and it is completely flat ground and easy to access.


What is the name of the section?

It's called Beth Hachaim (Hebrew for Home of the Living). The name reminds us that the soul doesn't die after death. Rather, it continues with a higher form of Life.


What is the cost for purchasing a plot?

The cost is $8000. But there is a promotion of $1000 if you purchase by Nov 1 '22.
You can call the cemetery directly at 415-459-2500 and ask them for information for the Beth Hachaim (traditional) section 
You are welcome to call Rabbi Landa with any questions at 415-312-8385.


What type of burials do you offer?

Graveside or chapel service. Also, the cemetery allows for green (no casket) burials.


What about cremation?

Cremation is forbidden by Jewish law and causes indescribable pain to the soul. This traditional section will only allow burials.


Are there any discounts?

There is a $1000 discount of purchasing a plot that will expire on Nov 1 2022.


Where is the source  for Jews to be buried in a Jewish section? 

It's from the book of Ruth, Chapter 1, verse 16: "And Ruth said, ... wherever you go, I will go, and wherever you lodge, I will lodge; your people shall be my people and your God my God.
Where you die, I will die, and there I will be buried."


I already purchased lots, how is this relevant to me?

If your plot is NOT in a Jewish cemetery, you can arrange the sale of the plots in the non-Jewish cemetery and used those funds to purchase in this Jewish cemetery.  If you need help, please call me.
If your plot IS in a Jewish cemetery, please consider supporting the fund to help people who are struggling, to be able to die with dignity. You can help at jewishnovato.com/dignity.

What about a headstone?

We have an agreement with American Monument. mention our community and you will save 10% off your monument/headstone.

What about Mortuary service?

The cemetery home is full service. They would take care of picking up the body and all the preparations for the funeral.

The traditional Jewish process, including Shmirah/Taharah is available as well.


Isn't there a special process to make a Jewish section of a cemetery?

Yes there is! In Nov '21, Rabbi Landa and a minyan gathered to do special prayers and inaugurate the area as Jewish with a very special ceremony. Here's a few pic of that day 

I don't plan to die:

Good! Moshiach is around the corner and we hope that our loved ones will be reunited with us! Still, it is important to prepare our burial plots in advance.
In fact, it is brought in the  good books>> that purchasing ones burial plots in advance, brings long life.  


How can I help? 
There are few ways you can get involved.
1. Please consider joining the Chevra Kadisha, the burial Society. It is an incredible Mitvzah to be a part of it. Watching over the body and preparing the person according to Jewish law is said to bring tremendous blessings.
If you are interested in learning more about joining the community Chevra Kadisha, please email [email protected] 

You can learn more about the Chevra Kadisha here>>>

2. Please consider contributing>>> toward the burial fund. This will help ensure every Jew can be buried with dignity and respect.