Children's Programs


Ensuring Jewish Continuity

“Children are the most precious gift G‑d has given you — a new life, as unmarked as fresh snow, and you have been blessed with the opportunity to nurture, protect, and teach your child, so that the child becomes a productive and good human being.” 
-The Rebbe

    Chabad Jewish Center offers a variety  of  educational yet exciting Children Programs. The essential goal of these  programs is to leave Jewish children with deeply-rooted feelings of pride and affection for their heritage and for the land of Israel. We believe that this can best be accomplished in an atmosphere of joy and warmth.

    Our approach is to stress the positive aspects of Judaism and its Mitzvoth.  An area of particular emphasis is in the inculcation of Jewish values and ethics.  Mutual tolerance and respect for fellow man are taught as basic principles of the Jewish faith.

   Our children are put in touch with an identity that has persevered for thousands of years, an identity of beauty and deep significance. An identity which is inherently their own.

Youth programs: