This has been the first year of Chabad Hebrew school. We started with a dream and excitement , but weren't sure exactly where it would take us.

This year at CHS has been a smashing success. 

The lessons learned , the friendships forged , the fun and games , the deepening of Jewish identity and knowledge , the kids Hebrew reading, all of it has left us speechless and humbled. 

Using the acclaimed Aleph Champ Hebrew Reading Program , using the karate color model , our children have begun their Hebrew reading journey with an eager spirit and motivated mindset. 

We also journeyed through the first book of the Torah , from creation all the way to the Jewish people ending up in Egypt. We explored valuable lessons and insight from the Torahs timeless stories how to be better people and treat others with respect and kindness.

Please click on the albums below to see the memories of the year.