FAQs :

1: Why should I send my child to Camp Gan Israel when there are so many other great camps in Marin?

I hear ya. And I’m sure there are other great camps. But there is no other camp that will give your child this much FUN and real JEWISH PRIDE all rolled in one. Soccer and swimming can happen the other weeks of the summer.

2: What’s unique about Camp Gan Israel?

Camp Gan Israel combines a wide range of activities, specialties, and trips WITH Jewish engagement and enrichment. Your child will have oh so much fun, in an environment tailored just for him/her.

3: How will this experience impact my child?

One word: GREATLY. It’s the biggest gift you can give your child.

4: What if we already have other plans for the two weeks of Camp Gan Israel?

Simple. Cancel them. Or you can postpone them. But you don’t want to miss out on this experience.

5: Alright, I’m sold. What do I do?

You can sign up right here at www.JewishNovato.com/camp. We can’t wait!

6: But why is this camp cheaper than other camps?

Because we’re committed to making it possible for every Jewish child to attend. We even have camp scholarships. Feel free to inquire about them.

7: Okay, I’m loving this and I’m ready. What do you need?

Just your commitment. And you can give it right here at www.JewishNovato.com/camp

8: Just one more thing –can you PLEASE do this again next summer?

Yep. That’s our plan – to provide the opportunity for a Jewish Summer Experience through Camp Gan Israel to every Jewish child in Marin.