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This is all thanks to YOU

Rabbi & Rebbetzin


Sometimes, we make an impact without knowing exactly the difference we have made. But in these few pages we want you to know exactly how vital you are.

Everything we do is only possible because of you. And for that, we, and on behalf of the larger Jewish Community that we serve, want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You are very much needed and appreciated.

Because of you, 37 children were able to experience a fun Jewish summer camp. Because of you, multiple homes received mezuzot. Because of you, individuals are able to have a home away from home, and a community to call family.

In gratitude,
Rabbi Menachem & Adina Landa



YOU Reached Our Kids, by Valerie Testa

I grew up with a strict version of Judaism. I felt like it was forced upon me, and so I rebelled and turned the other way. I wanted nothing to do with the Judaism I was raised with.

I married Gary, a wonderful man, who isn’t Jewish. The synagogue that my father founded turned him away.

All of that changed when I met Chabad of Novato and the Landas.

Rabbi Landa actually thanked Gary for letting me raise our kids as Jews.

That first phone call I got from Rabbi Landa, where he introduced himself and said “I’m the new Rabbi in Novato '' automatically flooded me with relief. It’s hard to describe the feeling exactly. I had this feeling of: you’re always there. You’re always close by. It’s the feeling of being at home. Of safety. I felt like my family was here.

You make me want to do more and get more involved in my Jewish traditions.

You’ve reached our kids. They adore Rabbi Menachem and Adina and that’s a big deal. My daughter Bella loves being with you both and volunteering in Hebrew School. I didn’t have to force her. She LOVES helping and coming because YOU are so welcoming and caring.

You enriched our lives. It's so important that people know that. Bring your kids. Let them have traditions and identity and know what Judaism is really all about. That’s exactly what you gave us.

YOU Gave Me Comfort, by Jill Shamash

I walked into a crowded room of women. It was a Jewish Women’s Circle at Chabad, an evening of painting mezuzah cases, socializing, and learning the significance behind this important Jewish mitzvah.

I was coming to support my friend who was leading the activity. I was also coming to meet Adina, the mother of a sweet girl my son met at preschool.

Little did I know it would be the beginning of deep friendships and connections, and the feeling of lifelong belonging.

Shortly after the women’s evening, Rabbi Landa personally came over to affix the mezuzah case and scroll to our front door. Although we have moved since then, that mezuzah is still proudly displayed on our front doorpost.

I instantly felt a strong sense of community.

When it came time for the summer, I had to choose which camp to send my 4 year old son to. There were different options, even different Jewish options, but I chose Camp Gan Israel because I felt in my heart that he was going to build confidence, find life long lasting friendships, and have personal growth there, as well as have a ton of fun.

My son had fun every single day. He came home talking about new friends that he had met. The experience was above average. It was truly everything I was hoping for. And next year, I plan on sending him again.

You have a warm community that I now feel a part of, and embraced us with open doors and open hearts.

But the most powerful thing for me is just knowing that I have connections like this in my life.

I have a Rabbi and Rebbetzin I could turn to with anything I need, no matter where I am in the world. Just knowing that gives me so much comfort.

I had a baby during the pandemic and Rabbi Landa came over right after my daughter was born, and helped us say some special blessings and prayers to welcome our baby girl into the world. We were so grateful to have somebody, especially someone of his caliber and presence, come check in on us.

Thank you for ensuring that community, connection, open warmth, love, and acceptance are available to us all.