Join us, and Jews from around the world, as we hear from inspiring Jewish personalities and performers in an event commemorating the 27th anniversary of the Rebbe's passing. 

Elisha Weisel (Eli Weisel's son), Michal Oshman (Tik Tok executive and author of What Would You Do If You Weren't Afraid), Dina Horowitz (Chabad Rebbetzin and international speaker), and more will share timely lessons that they have learned from both the Rebbe's teachings and living example. The viewers will learn how to confront life's challenges UNFAZED by seeing, hearing and being inspired by those whose lives have been defined by being UNFAZED.

Legendary violinist Itzchak Perlman and famed Chassidic Pianist Israel Edelstein will be performing, and Shulem Lemmer and Yossi Piamenta will lead the crowd in soul-stirring melodies.