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kluger family.jpeg

Dec 1. 2019
During my routine (albeit unnecessary) trip to Starbucks, I noticed a flier on the bulletin board for “Menorah Making”.

While my wife and I were both born in New York, surrounded by Jews, we had just moved to Novato and believed we were the “only Jewish people in town”.

Raising 2 young children, we jumped at the opportunity to attend the Menorah Making event at the Home Depot.

When we showed up, Adina greeted us with the BIGGEST and most welcoming smile. She and the Rabbi immediately made the kids feel comfortable and we had a great time!

From there, they invited us to a Grand Menorah Lighting at the Novato City Hall, where we were blown away by the community the Landas have built in Novato.

We left feeling energized, and we learned that even though we thought we were the “only Jewish people in town”, our Mayor and local firefighter were just a few of the many Jews in town.

Since December 2017, we have truly loved being a part of the Chabad community.  Shabbat dinners, summer camp, Hebrew school, menorah making, gelt drops, deep conversations with the Rabbi, prayer and songs are just some of the many things we love about our time with the Landas.

Our children are now on their 2nd year of Chabad Hebrew school, and love learning about Judaism. Walking down the street they are singing the Alef-bet, they recite prayers throughout the day and have taught kids and adults about Judaism and the deep traditions that they have grown to appreciate and love.

We’ve spent many nights at the Landa home having Shabbat dinner, and it’s been a true blessing to watch my family embrace Judaism.

The lessons that Judaism teach are discussed in our home daily. Some of which my wife or I bring up, but in many more cases, our children (4 and 6 years old) bring up. Rabbi Landa and Adina teach Judaism in such a positive and fun way!  I am confident that due to their impact

on our family over the last 2 years, Judaism will always have an integral place in our lives.

I could go on and on about the Landas. But the #1 thing that I can say is their love for Judaism is contagious. They love their community, they embrace building community, and I’m honored to be a part of it.

- Andrew and Melanie Kluger, Zoe and Jude


roths.jpegNov 20 2019
As we think about all we are grateful for this Thanksgiving, I’m thankful that you brought me back into Judaism when I had lost my way after my father’s death.

I now have a feeling of such belonging in the Novato Jewish Community.

You have a tremendous gift for making people feel welcomed and included as in a big family.

In short, you are the perfect Rabbi; and you’re just what this community needed.

Adina is so impressive, knowledgeable and strong. She has created for us such a warm, loving place in her heart and her home to celebrate G‑d and each other.

Her leadership, guidance, and love are our treasure. You both are gifts to us straight from Heaven. How you both maintain a congregation while raising four young children we will never know, but we are in awe.

- Sam and Lisa Roth

jolie.PNGNov 15 2019
Rabbi Landa, and his brilliant wife, Adina, landed on the Planet Novato just a few short years ago and planted the Jewish flag.

Before these intrepid explorers arrived, the Jewish community in Novato was a mini-diaspora, with no home!

Now, thanks to the Landas, we have a core, a group, and a thriving Jewish community—not to mention services, observances and latkes!

Since the Landas brought Chabad to Novato, I have expanded my Jewish learning, both biblical and cultural, as well as formed lifelong friends.

Our rabbi is a leader in the city, a scholar, a teacher, a spiritual guide and an all around great human being. Adina has createda Women’s Circle and social group that is expanding and energetic.

Her Jewish pride is unrelenting, sweeping us along in her wave of serenity and quiet enthusiasm.

I always feel welcome and surrounded by acceptance and understanding at every Chabad event. There is strength in numbers and now our numbers are growing, thanks to Chabad and to Rabbi Landa and Adina.

-Jolie Kanat

mark and madeline.JPGNov 10 2019
We are grateful for both of you and for the work that you are doing. 

Before your arrival we felt the lack of anything Jewish in Novato.  You have brought spirit and Judaism back into our lives and you continue to inspire and educate us. This is why we donate to Chabad

-Mark & Madeline Sheron


06 Cohen family cropped.jpgAt Chabad Jewish Center of Novato is that everything is exciting, Judaism is exciting, holidays are exciting; everything I do everyday now is exciting—waking up in the morning is exciting.

Chabad Novato is a spiritual, fun and happy place to be. I keep coming because I have learned so much, not only about Torah, but I have learned a lot about myself and relationships and how to live my life.

Thank you Menachem and Adina for your profound love for every Jew and your boundless optimism.

-Vivian Cohen




judith.JPGChabad and Adina and Menachem have given me a sense of belonging to an extended Jewish family.

Adina‘s and Menachem‘s classes, terrific guest speakers, and holiday celebrations teach me the richness, depth and fun of living an every day Jewish life. Since I met the Landas, and since I have been learning about Chabad, I have felt much more whole and happy. I am so grateful.

-Judith Borowsky