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 5 Mondays beginning August 17th!

$36 for the course

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With so much uncertainty and turmoil in the world, this class is especially timely! 

We are down to the last 5 Mondays of the Jewish year. Lets close out the year, learning about better days! 

Join us on a 5 week journey as we learn the redemption process. This curriculum was put together by JLI (Jewish Learning Institute).

See below for the full 5 week outline. 

Moshiach is as integral to the Jewish people as Torah is. 

It's one of the "13 principles of Faith". But what do we actually know about it? 

You probably heard me end a zoom class or a speech with "May we merit Moshiach now!" But what is it all about?? 

Lets explore and understand how this time will come!   

In the merit of us learning and exploring Moshiach, may these days of peace and unity be ushered in speedily! 

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Course Outline

Lesson 1
Redemption: “Poof!” or Process?
How It’ll Be is Up to Us

So, do we peer down a hole, fall into it, and… poof!—Mashiach’s here? Turns out there are many ways to skin this salvation, and the kicker is—if we’re aiming for platinum, it’s in our hands. Right now. Today.

Lesson 2
Gog and Magog
Turbulent, Terrible… and Terrific!

You may not be a prepper yourself, but have you ever wondered how all this is going to end? Will it just be a seamless transition into bliss? Turns out that catastrophic war is, indeed, on tap—but don’t worry, there’s lots of silver lining.

Lessons 3 & 4
Elijah the Prophet, Harbinger of the Redemption Part I & II
His Purpose and His Function

He yelled at kings. He went up to heaven alive. He visits every year for Passover, and he’s the man with the special chair at every brit milah ceremony. He will one day come and announce the future Redemption. He’s the most interesting man in the world. He’s… Elijah the Prophet. Come discover everything there is to know about this fascinating man.

Lesson 5
The Grand Banquet
Unpacking the Feast of the Future

Jewish tradition teaches us of a royal repast in future times. On the menu is the giant leviathan, a behemoth, and special wine to cap it off. What’s this meal really all about?