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I recently moved to Morganville, New Jersey from Marin County. As the Passover Seder was approaching, I had nothing for it and no one to celebrate with due to Covid-19, despite having family nearby. Rabbi Landa emailed me, asking how I was doing and if I needed anything for the Seder. I couldn’t believe it!

I responded with my situation, and within a few hours, he had arranged for all my Seder needs to be dropped of at my doorstep, shortly before the holiday. I was beyond touched. It felt like a miracle. I was completely uplifted during these difficult and lonely times.
- Sheila F.

maddie wober.jpgEvery Chabad Rebbetzin I’ve ever met has been super strong, an amazing leader, confident, knowledgeable and completely supported by her husband. 

In my adult life every time I moved to a new place ( I’ve moved around and traveled a lot in my life) I always wanted to look for a Chabad community or live near a synagogue. 
I love how learned Chabad Rabbis & Rebbetzins are and the level of knowledge and amazing conversations at farbrengens is a favorite thing for me. 

I definitely feel a strong connection with the community, Rabbi Landa & Adina & I adore their kids. So that’s also a huge reason why I’m as involved with Chabad as I am. 

I think they are both a beautiful example of true partnership love respect leadership and humility. My dream is to work as closely for a United cause with my life partner for the sake of making the world a better place.
Maddie Wober

gale and doug serin.JPG

The Landas have touched my heart with such warmth. Thank you so very much for always reaching out with such love and support. I wonder if you know how special you are and how much we appreciate all that you do.


Last night I was reading on Menachem's email how Jews feel about where the body goes when we die. I was surprised to discover I was in total agreement. I think Chabad is reaching me a little at a time by osmosis. Thank you so much for caring
Gale & Doug Serin

peter haas.JPG

I don't know how Rabbi Landa manages to find time to be in so many places, and do so many things at the same time.  He is  just amazing!  He is also one heck of a good friend to have, a scholar, a teacher, a confidant......  I am so grateful to have him as a part of my life. 


I think even the Rebbe appreciates everything the Landas are doing for their chosen community, and for pursuing the values and goals he always championed.


-Peter Haas


robin dubner.JPG

Thank you Rabbi & Adina for your Zoom classes. You are both excellent teachers and the subject matter is endlessly fascinating.

Chabad classes are the highlights of my weekly learning; I wish there were ten Zoom classes every week.

Since I retired from my career I have dedicated myself to learning Yiddishkeit.  I get such enjoyment from learning and closeness to Hashem.

After years of searching for meaning, I finally found the right path to Hashem for me through the study of Torah. I’m looking forward to our next class together. 

-Robin Dubner


lawn sign.jpg

As the world changed so quickly, businesses and schools shuttered, and our front line workers jumped into action, we, at Chabad of Novato, strived to do all we can to support our heroes, our community, and those in need.
On the front cover, you’ll see signs that children decorated, and we delivered to Novato Community Hospital, along with dozens of Kosher Baked Goods, to thank all the medical workers for their dedication and devotion to ensuring the health and safety of our town.


In addition, pictured here, you’ll find lawn signs that we had printed, and distributed free of charge, to spread this powerful message: Kindness, Patience, and Hope are also Highly Contagious. Don’t wait to catch it…. Be A Carrier!


Despite the world changing so rapidly, we jumped into action and delivered classes and lectures online, Virtual Hebrew School, 150 Seder-to-Go-Kits, 60 Shavuot Packages, weekly Challah deliveries, and so much more. We received phone calls from the elderly asking for medication pick-up, grocery shopping, and the like … and of course arranged it all. Because that is our mission: to infect the world with love and kindness.


We want to thank YOU for making this possible. Without YOUR support, none of the above would have been possible.

Rabbi Menachem & Adina Landa

essential workers.JPG hospital staff thank you.jpg