meeting Jewish communities in far flung places with fascinating stories 

Join us on a 4 week tour of interesting Jewish communities.

During COVID, I thought it would be a great idea to enhance our connectedness with different Jewish communities and take advantage of a virtual setting. 

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Week 4 - Aug 9 | 8 PM

Meet the Jewish community in Seoul, South Korea
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Learn about what Jewish life is like in South Korea. You will be inspired, amazed and  delighted to hear about thriving Jewish life 

  Week 1 - Sunday, July 19 at 10AM:
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Meet the Jewish community in Nigeria
Hear about the humanitarian and spiritual work. Find out the history of Jews in Nigeria and the work from the Mikva they built to handing out food to help Muslims break Ramadan. Ask your questions to the Rabbi and connect with Jews from far away.

Week 2 - Sunday, July 26 at 11AM:

Meet a community whose Jewish roots were almost wiped away. Find out what Jewish life is like on the border between Russia and Ukraine. What inspired a kid from Santa Monica to move to Sumy, Ukraine, a place with turbulence, constant battle, unrest and financial collapse.
sumy map.PNGNEhS8041141.jpg

                                                                                       Children in Sumy help an elderly woman light Shabbat candles

Week 3- Sunday, Aug 2 at 7:30pm:

Meet the Jewish community in Cambodia
Learn about Jewish life in the far east. How a young Chabad rabbi meets the King of Cambodia and has close connections to the palace. From Israeli backpackers to successful business people, from emergency evacuations to Chanukah parties in 8 different cities in Cambodia, you will love to learn about Judaism in Cambodia.


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