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March 1 2020
hilda and paul.jpgThis past summer, I was traveling to Sunnyvale, and I mentioned it to Hilda, an elderly woman that we are close with.

I visit her frequently, and she considers my children her grand-children.

When Hilda heard that I was going to Sunnyvale, she said, “Can you visit my brother?” Of course, I was happy to do so.

I went to her brother, Paul’s, home, and together we put on tefillin. It was his first time putting on tefillin since his Bar Mitzvah in 1937!

On my next visit to Hilda, I showed her the picture of me with her brother putting on tefillin.

She was peering at it closely, and asking how he looked. I said, “Hilda, he’s your brother! You know how he looks.” She responded, “I haven’t seen him in 5 years. Neither of us could drive.”

Needless to say, I was astounded. I couldn’t imagine two siblings living 2 hours away from each other and not seeing each other in 5 years! I offered to bring Hilda to visit her brother Paul in Sunnyvale.

Two weeks later, I took a day to drive Hilda to Sunnyvale (and back). I can’t describe the beauty of watching Hilda reunited with her brother for the first time in 5 years. They embraced, and spent a good few hours catching up and enjoying each other’s company.

 It’s an honor and a privilege to be in my position, serving the local community in any way I can -physically, spiritually, emotionally.

Each and every one of our supporters is an equal partner and shares this Mitzvah. We can only do it together. 
  Rabbi Menachem Landa


Jan 15 2020
khersonsky family.jpgWhen we moved to Novato we had no idea our lives would be enriched with the warmth of Judaism. All year my kids wait for the two weeks in the summer when they are surrounded by Jewish spirit! They love the counselors and the fun events and trips. The Landas make it possible with Camp Gan Izzy. 

Every couple of months we go to Tot Shabbat at the Landa's house where our children make challah, listen to Jewish stories, sing Jewish songs and experience authentic Shabbat.   
In addition, Chabad Hebrew School is a fun way they learn about Torah and Jewish holidays, among other things.

We are so fortunate to have the Landas to make all of this possible.  They really bring the community together. 

-Jonathan & Alexa Khersonsky
Zara, Lova, & Jullian 


kelley family.jpeg

Feb 1 2020
Bar Mitzvah preparation and Hebrew lessons with Rabbi Landa have been life changing for my son! By his 3rd lesson, my son said to me, “Mom, I think Rabbi Landa is changing my life!” He loves his lessons so much and truly looks forward to them every week!! We feel SO grateful we found Chabad Novato and Rabbi Landa!

-Corina & Forest Kelley
Ireland & Kingston

dyane and richard.jpgFeb 20 2020
I want to offer tremendous gratitude for our Novato Chabad Community! My husband, Richard and I now feel more anchored in spirituality given the leadership of Rabbi Menachem and Adina Landa. What the two have created here in Novato has now become vital to our sense of community and personal wellbeing and social connectedness.

The Landas have created a Jewish calendar of spiritual awareness by offering events and gatherings attuned to the annual and traditional rhythms of Jewish life. By entering into this rhythm of ongoing social occasions and education themes we’ve become increasingly and most positively identified as Jewish.

The Landas have now established a growing community where previously there was none nor any synagogue where we felt so at completely at home and welcomed.

This welcoming flows into a feeling of social togetherness reinforced by ongoing opportunities for Jewish education and participation. 

At Chabad we and others surely feel accepted no matter the extent of Jewish backgrounds or knowledge of our ancient traditions. Clearly understood to each and all is that being a Jew is more significant than our current mastery of Torah or what we can recall from childhood.

The greater message from Rabbi Menachem and Adina is to come and learn, participate, celebrate, revere and most of all feel the tremendous dignity and deep spirituality of being a Jew.

 -Richard and Dyane Sax-Lisowski