havdal april 25.jpg

Join Rabbi Landa & family, cantor Ari, Jonathan Kersonky on the guitar and the Chabad Jewish community for a virtual Havdalah party  

This Sat. April 25 at 8:45PM 

Tune in info:
To use zoom, click on this link: Join at www.jewishnovato.com/zoom​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ or at facebook.com/menachem.landaari.jpg

To tune in on Facebook Live: Make sure you're friends with rabbi Landa on facebook 

Note: since we can’t do the actual mitzvah virtually, we’ll all be making havdallah together simultaneously. Just set up your laptop, tablet, or phone, and have the following items in front of you:

  Wine or grape juice, spices or cinnamon sticks, 2 candles and matches

Need the text? get it here:  www.jewishnovato.com/253217