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What is JEWQ:

JewQ - the International Torah Championship 


Students in grades 3-7 will have the opportunity to master the fundamentals of Torah knowledge along with Chabad Hebrew School students from around the globe. This is an incredible initiative on behalf of the global Chabad Hebrew Schools Network to advance and enrich the Torah knowledge of Jewish children around the world.

Participating students will study from a beautiful JewQ study book called, “Living Jewish”. By studying this book, students master prayers and blessings, mitzvot/commandments, Jewish concepts, Torah traditions, the many holidays on the Jewish calendar, the stages of the Jewish life cycle, and a host of historic heroes. Each grade level is assigned different sections of the book to study and get tested on so that a student who participates for five years completes and masters the entire book! That’s A LOT of Jewish knowledge...

This is an incredible opportunity for our students (and parents who study with their children ;)) to take part in. We strongly encourage you to encourage your child(ren) to do so! It will take diligence and a bit of hard work but nothing more than your child can handle—even with the overload of homework and the extra curricular activities that fill our students’ busy schedules.

This is not the main curriculum being studied during Hebrew School, this is an additional study. We will review it during Hebrew School, but it should mainly be studied at home with you. The "Living Jewish" book, which your child brought home, is something we suggest you buy. The book is $18. This year, students are to focus on sections 5-6, from pages 98-150. 

In February, we will join with other Bay Area Hebrew Schools, for a regional competition and a special trip, as the students showcase their Jewish knowledge. 


For the year 2019/2020,  JewQ starts in October and then finishes in March.

How does it work? 

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 The story of JEWQ:

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