The incredible journey of Mr. Reuven Green
(Rebbetzin Adina Landa's father) 

Hear a story of perseverance, commitment and intellectual integrity.  

Date & Time: Tuesday, March 27 2018 Refreshments at 7:00 PM, Lecture at 7:30 PM

Location: Chabad Jewish Center of Novato - 7430 Redwood Blvd. Suite D Novato

Cost: FREE - This event is sponsored in honor of the 11th of Nissan, the date marking our Rebbe's birthday. 

ta1.jpgBio: Reuven Green was born and raised in San Diego. Aside from a Bar Mitzvah and occasional Jewish holiday, Mr. Green was not exposed to much Judaism in his youth. He became the president of the Jewish fraternity of UCLA in the late 60's. After living in East LA (Compton) and being arrested for defending black rights and organizing a march in Mississippi as part of the civil rights movement, Green was a probation officer for juvenile delinquents, until his back injury while on the job. Needing to take time off, he ended up at a Torah class... and lo and behold, his life was drastically changed. 

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