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Tisha B'av (literally, the 9th day in the month of Av) is the saddest day on our calendar. It is the day on which we mourn for the destruction of the Temple and for all the tragedies we have endured for these past two millennia.

On this day we refrain from eating, drinking, wearing leather shoes, bathing, or engaging in marital relations.

It is also an auspicious day on which we fervently hope and pray for the coming of the righteous Moshiach who will rebuild the third temple, end suffering and pain, and restore universal peace unto all of mankind.

This year Tisha B'av begins on Saturday night, August 10

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Tisha B'av Schedule

Saturday, August 10  
Fast begins: 8:10pm
Evening Service: 9:10pm

Followed by the reading of Eicha (the book of Lamentations)

Sunday, July 22
Afternoon Service: 6:45pm
Special Video Presentation: 7:30pm
Fast Concludes: 8:38pm