The Riveting Life of King David


By Rabbi Yossi Marcus 

Sunday, January 13, 2019 @ 7PM

We’ve all heard the song Dovid melech Yisroel - David King of Israel is alive. What does that mean? Why is David such a central character of the Jewish people? His book of psalms is famous and central, but what does that mean for my life? Learn more here. RSVP here. 


rice1.jpgBy Rabbi Yisroel Rice 

Sunday, February 10, 2019 @ 7PM

Discover your cosmic importnace. Explore the Kabbalistic insight into why life is so difficult and find the unexpected deep Divine gift. We will learn how to leverage our challenges from within and from without to elicit our inner superhero. Learn  more here. RSVP here.


Jewish Pop-Art

moully.jpgBy Yitzchak Moully

Sunday, March 102019 @ 7pm

Raised by former hippies, Moully, a Chassidic Jew, has a colorful background he brings to his art. His family journeyed from an alternative life in the Australian outback to traditional Judaism through Chabad. His work is inspired by the great icons of the pop-art genre and expresses its creativity in Jewish form.

Meet the artist, hear about his journey, and view a collection of his colorful work.

Originals, enhanced gicleess, and limited edition prints will be available for sale following the formal presentation.  Learn more here. RSVP here .