Jewish Center makes a home in Novato
Marinscope staff Feb. 26 2014

After discussions and meetings for more than one year, Novato is changing the zoning laws about religious organizations. The Novato zoning code has been very strict against religious organizations.

With backing of the community, Chabad Jewish Center of Novato’s Rabbi Menachem and Adina Landa attended City Hall for the Planning Commission meeting on Feb. 3 and a proposal was brought forth by Community Development Director Bob Brown. It was agreed to allow religious organizations on certain commercial properties. It was voted on by the Novato City Council on Feb 25.





“It was a big day for our community and religious freedom in Novato,” Rabbi Menachem said.

In February, 55 Jewish women gathered for the first annual “Celebrate the Jewish Women,” an evening of empowerment and an inspirational talk by a guest speaker. The center is also offering a variety of other events and programs this season.

Since its inception two years ago, the Jewish Center, directed by the Landas, has been dedicated to providing every Jew, regardless of background, philosophy or level of commitment, an open door environment for strengthening and enhancing Jewish family life. Its many programs and events provide the education and means to promote Jewish knowledge, awareness and practice, and experience Jewish heritage in a meaningful way.

Jewish Kids Club: Where children ages 5-11 learn all about Judaism in a fun and interactive, hands-on way.

Jewish Teens Club: Focuses on making a difference in the community. The teens learn leadership skills and join in community service. They have cooked and delivered chicken soup for those in need, baked appreciation cookies for the Novato Police Dept, and are currently in the midst of a charity drive.

The Jewish Women’s Circle: Brings together Jewish women of all ages and backgrounds to learn, laugh, experience and rejuvenate the mind, body and soul.

The Jewish Men’s Club: Combines the beauty of living in Marin and living a Jewish lifestyle by bike riding through the beautiful trails after some words of prayer and enjoying a delicious breakfast.

Jewish holidays/occasions: Over the past year these have included a Purim Party, Festival of Jewish Unity in Pioneer Park, Holocaust Remembrance Day, Shavuot Ice cream party, Rosh Hashana Dinner, High Holiday Services at City Hall, Sushi in the Sukkah, Simchat Torah Celebration and a Grand Menorah Lighting at Whole Foods Market.

Adult education classes: The courses have seen tremendous success. They include: The Jewish History Crash Course, The 5 Books of Moses in 5 Hours, A Hebrew Reading Crash Course, Torah Studies for Women, as well as a variety of other lectures and ongoing weekly classes.

Hospital and senior visitation: This remains a strong fundamental component of our activities, ensuring every person has equal opportunity to connect with their heritage and feels important.

These are all in addition to the personal and one-on-one relationships that have developed within the community on a daily basis, helping to meet the needs of our growing and thriving Jewish community.

For more information, or 7430 Redwood Blvd., Suite D, Novato, Calif. 94945 or email[email protected] or call (415) 878-6770.

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