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The Five Books of Moses (Chumash) is so essential to Jewish thought and practice, yet sometimes it's hard to get a grasp on the most basic and essential concepts. This course provides an overview and understanding of the 22 central themes and events that appear in the 5 Books of Moses.

5 Consecutives Tuesdays beginning November 13, 2012  
Rotating Homes. 8:00-9:00 PM 


The first class will be hold in the home of David and Martina Bedar

16 Pierce Dr. Novato, CA 94947 



Benefits and features:

  • explore key biblical events and personalities
  • thought-provoking questions on how to understand enigmatic Torah verses and accounts
  • suggestions for integrating the teachings into everyday life
  • be exposed to classical biblical commentaries

If you would like to host a class in your home, please contact us at 619-459-1809 or Rabbi@JewishNovato.com

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