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Meet the Landas


Rabbi Menachem Landa 

BIO: Rabbi Menachem Landa grew up in Montreal, where he studied at the Rabbinical College of Canada. 

rabbi Landa.jpgHe continued his studies under the tutelage of Rabbi Ezra Schochet, one of the greatest Jewish scholars in our times. After completing his Rabbinical Ordination under the Chief Rabbi of Canada, Rabbi Landa then taught high school and college students at the West Coast Talmudical Seminary in Los Angeles, until his marriage to Adina Green-Landa in 2009. He then continued teaching various subjects at the United Lubavitch Yeshiva in Brooklyn, NY, including Jewish studies, science, history and math. 

In 2012, Rabbi Menachem & Adina Landa were given the lifetime opportunity of establishing the only Jewish community in Novato, CA.

Rabbi Landa serves as the spiritual leader of Jewish Center of Novato, combines his charm, wisdom, and wit, together with his deep Torah, Kabbalah, and Talmudic knowledge, to inspire those around him with love and affection. Together wife his wife and four children, Rabbi Landa is building community and strengthening Jewish connection and identity in Novato.     

My Dream: From a very young age, I had only one dream (or 2 if you include becoming a world-famous hockey player), to reach out to Jews in whatever location I might find myself in, help them in any way that I could, and show them the beauty of their heritage. I've been accomplishing this goal since the age of 14. I've been a camp counselor and Head Counselor, as well as Director. I led communal Passover Seders in Latvia. I teach Torah classes and one-on-one Torah learning in the communities I have lived in. (My dream of becoming a world-famous hockey player is currently on hold :)   

Mrs. Adina Landa
I was born and raised in San Diego, CA.  I was educated in Bais Chana High School of Los Angeles and furthered my studies at BC Teachers Seminary in Tzfat, Israel. I then spent a year working for my high school as an extra-curricular program coordinator. I share the same dream as my husband, coupled with a strong passion for teaching. As a mom of three, I enjoy every minute with my kids.  

Ever since we were married, we began setting the groundwork to build a most vibrant Jewish community in Novato. We hope to visit many homes and strengthen Jewish identity and awareness throughout the city. Together with our 4 children, we form a most powerful team that will bring warmth and happiness to  friends, families, and the community around us.