Please read carefully:

To compliment the Grow Jewish Kids Club, we have also launched a special Mitvzah point system CKIDS Brigade. It's a revolutionary program where children are motivated to do Mitzvot, earn points, and "buy" prizes using cutting edge technology.

How it works:

Accounts and ID Cards:

  • Every child in Grow received a full-color, real ID card featuring his/her photo, and is also assigned a personal online account which is used to keep up with and update their progress. Please note: at next week's session, your child will receive a laminated ID card in a pouch

How do I earn points?

  • Each week, Achievement Cards will be handed out, with a mitzva/mission and point value. Example: This week's achievement cards are 1) Read Week 1 of the Mitzvah Book (in your child's overnight bag) - 5 points 2) Complete the Mitzva Task in the Mitzva Book (last page of the Week 1 section) - 10 points. Children will work their way toward redeeming prizes!

How do I deposit points into my account?

Children can deposit points into their accounts by

  • On a computer: logging on to and manually entering their bar code ID number, followed by the bar code number on their Achievement Cards
  • On a smartphone: download an app called "Tzivos Hashem Mashpia online store by searching "Mashpia." Scan your child's bar code or simply type it in.

How do I redeem my rewards?

  • Online Store: Check out the online store of prizes. When a child earns the points necessary for a desired prize, he/she can add it to their "shopping cart" and we will deliver their prize.

This system helps us easily acknowledge positive behavior and specific accomplishments of your child. We hope you enjoy it! Feel free to contact us at 415-878-6770 with any feedback!