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Beautiful mosaic Charity boxes were made as we launched a Charity drive raising money for orphans in Israel. Each teen received a punch card with a mini hole puncher. Every time they give a coin in their charity box they punch a hole, and will be entered in a raffle for a gift certificate. The money will be counted at the Purim party, and sent to help our brothers and sisters in Israel.
An unforgettable kickoff for our CTeen! Jewish teens from across Novato have set the tone for the most awesome teen club around. We got to learn about each other through hilarious ice breakers, made our own tshirts, and heard from David Nesenoff. He shared his journey and life changing experiences with humor, and his powerful message left us all feeling proud of who we are. See you all Nov 11th!
In this month's CTeen! we talked about our internal search engine, in order to find answers to important questions, it needs to come from within. We learned how it connects to Abraham, who found G-D. It led us to understanding the value of helping others. We got to work and split into teams making the best chicken soup. We delivered it to people in need, who really appreciated it. Be involved in helping others by learning about yourself and your heritage!
Educational Focus: How to achieve true joy
Humanitarian Focus: Police Chief Berg paid a special visit to the Jewish teens of Novato. Our teens decorated delicious cookies showing our appreciation for our Police department. We got to interview the Chief on the important job he does protecting our city.
Social Focus: We started crafting duct tape wallets - to be true CTeen givers!
CTeen: Pesach!
Wow, Our Teens counted up a total of $204.19 from the joint charity drive of our CTeen! and JKC. The money will be sent to Israel at this special time before Pesach and help with providing for orphans. The teens help package Shmura Matzah which will be distributed before the holiday. They acted out the story of Pasosver using costumes and creative props. Congrats to Ita Rice on winning a $20 Gift card to Best Buy for the charity drive over the past month!
CTeen: Memories!
This past CTeen we looked back at the year and what was accomplished! The year's focus was on giving. Whether it was making and delivering chicken soup to those in need, decorating cookies for the Police Dept, collecting money for orphans in Israel, the teens sure became real CTeen Givers.

We built bows and arrows (which is customary to play with on Lag Ba'Omer), learning that in order to reach farther you have to first pull the arrow close to your heart. Working from within will achieve many great things!

We resolved to grow in our Jewish learning and brainstormed ideas for next year's CTeen. See y'all on Sunday at Pioneer Park as we get to practice our new skills!
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