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Family Holiday events

Family Holiday events

We had so much fun gearing up for Purim with a packed house gathering together to make and bake delicious Hamantahsehn. The children learned all about the Happy Holiday of Purim and it's relevant meaning. Each family baked their own dough, shaped their own Hamantashen and filled them with 10 different flavor fillings!!
Woah! 150 children brought the Chanukah spirit and the strength of the Maccabees to Marin this morning! The joyous energy of this event, with children and grandparents building their very own Menorah was truly a sight to enjoy!
Over 65 people attended Novato's first ever Shofar Factory! Children and adults learned all about the process of making a shofar, and got to sand, saw, drill, and shellac their very own shofar to take home. Happy blowing!
Shakes in the Sukkah '14
Doing the Lulav shake while enjoying milkshakes was the talk of town. Building edible Sukkah's, designing beaded star of David's as the Sukkah decoration and enjoying Sukkot activities was the highlight of the holiday! Having already enjoyed 2 family holiday events (the first was the Shofar Factory), excitement is growing for the big one on Dec 14 as we will be in Home Depot building our very own wooden Menorah's! See you there!
250+ people participated in a fun Menorah Building Workshop at Home Depot!! 153 children received a Home Depot apron and got to work hammering, gluing and painting their beautifully hand-crafted Menorahs. The heroes in the story of Chanukah were the Maccabees-which means hammer. The children building their Menorah's yesterday did lots of hammering To me it was the sound of music! The hammering of the Macabees represents the strength of the Jewish people during the time of Chanukah, standing strong for our Judaism. This hammering and strength was in full force yesterday. Am Yisroel Chai! See you this Wednesday, outside of Whole Foods Novato, for the Grand Menorah lighting and Olive Oil Press
A beautiful crowed gatherd before Purim to learn about the joyous holiday. We discussed practical lessons we can take from the Purim story and even got to see the inside of the Megillah scroll! We made all sorts of delicious Hamantashen to take home and share with family and friends! Looking forward to the next pre holiday event, as we learn about Passover and make our very own Matzah.
A beautiful day learning about Passover and how to make Shmurah Matzah from the wheat stalk to the baked Matzah. Check out the article in the Marin IJ
What a sweet time! A wonderful family holiday event learning all about the Jewish new Year with interactive booths! We had Planet Bee foundation teach us about bees and how they make honey, with real hives, bees and fun games! Next family Holiday event is the Sukkah hop on Oct 4th, stay tuned for more info! Hope to see you all for High Holiday services at City Hall on Sept 14th, children's program is provided during services
A great experience visiting different Sukkahs across Novato, we got to say a blessing in each Sukkah, hear a beautiful Sukkot story, design our very own Lulav and Etrog, create our flags for Simchat Torah and do the Mitvzah of shaking the Lulav! Our next family holiday event is on December 6th at Home Depot for a Menorah building workshop!
130 menorahs were skillfully built and designed by children while learning about the holiday of Chanukah and enjoying Latkas! Truly a fun time by all! The sound of the hammer, reminds us of the strength and might of the Maccabees to stand strong for our Jewish tradition! Thank you to Home Depot for sponsoring the event!
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