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JKC 2014/'15

JKC 2014/'15

JKC: Treasure Within
What a fun way to start off the year - seeing our friends again and meeting lots of new ones ! We each received our new JKC club tshirts and played games to get to know each other.

We crafted treasure boxes after learning all about our "Treasure Within"- our soul (Neshama) - that guides us in doing the right thing. Like a GPS, as long as connected to the satellite, helps you to navigate wherever you are, the soul guides you through out life in any situation. We spoke about all the Mitzvot - connections we can do , fulfilling our soul's purpose in this world.
JKC: Jewish Names
Have you ever tried eating your Jewish name? At JKC, we did just that! Discovering all about the beauty and specialty of our Jewish name and its connection to the soul. We crafted magnetic Jewels forming our Jewish name, which can be displayed on the home refrigerator. We also shaped the letters of our Jewish names using cookie dough... We all got to make a blessing and eat our names!
Whose ready for Shabbat? At the past JKC we were preparing for the JKC Shabbat. We learned lots about the special island in time, the theme Shabbat, and how to welcome it in to our lives. We decorated our very own candle sticks for the girls and Kiddush cups for the boys. They are being saved for the JKC Shabbat Dinner on Fri. Dec 5 @ 4:30PM. The next JKC on Dec 2 we will bake Challah and the children will prepare for the Shabbat dinner... See you then!
JKC Kids Cook Shabbat
Yes, you've read right! The children at the Jewish Kids Club prepared for Shabbat by making Challah, kugel, delicious brownie cake, and homemade Chummus. We also learned about the specialty of having a Shabbat dinner and the beauty and holiness that accompanies Shabbat. We are all ready for the JKC Shabbat dinner TONIGHT! The dinner is for the entire JKC family and will be run by the JKC members! We will be using candle sticks and Kiddush cups which we made at last JKC. See you at 4:30!!
A wonderful Shabbat dinner for the JKC families hostes by the JKC children.
Do you know the Mitzvah where the reward Hashem promises is long life? You guessed it, it's to honor your parents! We learned all about this Mitzvah through discussion, art and games. After a learning game of musical chairs (reminding us not to sit in the designated parent chair), we crafted "I love you to pieces frames", with each child expressing their thanks and appreciation to their parents.
Tu B'Shevat Higia! The birthday of trees was in full gear at Jewish Kids Club. We learned about this holiday and its relevance in our lives. We made beautiful edible arrangements to celebrate the day.
JKC: Kosher cooking experience
We learned about Kosher through a fun scavenger hunt to Trader Joe's. Every team had to shop for a full days worth of delicious Kosher food. We also created a "Kiddush hashem", setting a good example of how Jewish children behave. Many shoppers and staff of Trader Joe's were very impressed with the behaviour of the JKC.
This was an absolutely incredible Jewish Kids Club. We learned all about the important Mitvzah of Hakorat Hatov, showing appreciation and thanks. We got an amazing visit from Sophia's dad, firefighter Ryan, who gave us a special tour of the Fire engine. We were able to say thank you and give specially shaped and decorated cookies as well as a beautiful collage of letters and art expressing our thanks for their work. We will work on saying Thank you to people who we perhaps overlook sometimes, like the cross gaurd, mail carrier or garbage collector.
What a beautiful way to end such an amazing year! We played a fun game of Jew-pardy, reviewing the year of learning, following by learning a song about Jewish Pride. We watched a year-in-review slideshow of pictures, and created a fabulous photo album with our parents. Thank you to all the JKC parents and kids for such an incredible year together.
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