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Holocaust Remembrance day
A memorable evening to honor our brothers and sisters who perished in the Holocaust. Thank you Mr. Blumenstein for a moving presentation, Sid and Debra Sall for sponsoring, and to all who attended. Mr. Blumenstein brought sentiments from his parents who survived the Holocaust including a yellow Juden star. We left with a sense of responsibility, pride, and a resolve to take on a Mitzvah to honor the 6 million.
Honey tasting event and class
A beautiful evening, understanding the deeper meaning of the High Holidays, as well as some basic guidelines. All while enjoying the most exquisite array of honey, courtesy of Marshall's Honey Farm
What an experience! Over 300 people attended Mrs. Cohn's riveting story how she was a spy Behind enemy lines in Nazi Germany. At 95, Mrs. Cohn has the energy and enthusiasm that we all wish for!
So inspired by this event, where 70 people listened in awe as Mr Heller shared how we rebuilt his life after experiencing unimaginable horror. Woven with humor, humility and simplicity, he calmly shared his life and story to our community. We are inspired by Mr Heller and honored to have heard from and met the most remarkable person!
A packed house came to hear the first hand account of the Miracle rescue mission in Entebbe from IDF commando Sassy reuven. The atmosphere was beautiful. From some of the amazing feedback of the event "Rabbi, this was one of my favorite evenings in my life". Thank you to everyone who participated!
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