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Sukkot parties

Sukkot parties

Soup in the Sukkah
A beautiful evening under the stars with warm soup for the body and warm songs for the soul. Lead by talented musicians we sang Jewish songs and bonded with friends from the community
Spaghetti in the sukkah
Our first community dinner was under the stars. Unity was palpable as we sang, laughed and enjoyed a wonderful evening. Thank you to the wonderful Jewish community of Novato for making it such a success!
A lovely, cozy and musical evening with a community of wonderful people enjoying delicious soups for our bodies and warmth for the souls. Thank you Jolie Kanat for the musical accompaniment to the classic Jewish melodies
Such a lovely evening with a wonderful turnout for Soups in the Sukkah. The soups were delicous, the soulful energy was divine. Happy Sukkot.
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