Here is what some of the parents are saying aout JKC:

"Dear Rabbi Landa and Adina, 

I cannot begin to tell you how much Jewish Kids Club has meant for us.  Our son Or-Moshe Broner has been attending his second year of JKC.  This is his only way of learning about our holidays, celebrations, charity and giving.  He absolutely LOVES coming to the program.  Having JKC in Novato has meant that we can have our children together with other Jewish kids in a fun, loving and nurturing environment.  We are ever so grateful for this program, and look forward to continuing attending in the upcoming years. 

Always in gratitude and appreciation," 
Dalit & Peleg B.

 "We left a very large Jewish Community in Southern Florida and were concerned about maintaining our children's Jewish Education when we moved to Novato.  We are thrilled that we have you and Adina to foster intelligent programs for our Jewish Community and particularly the Kid's Club which our children, Jordan and Ava look forward to every month.  They are building their sense of themselves as Jews and are proud of the knowledge they receive.  Keep up the great work"...Mitch and Miriam L

 "Thank you for having our girls Rona and Bat-El at the JKC. Every time the day arrives to go to JKC they are thrilled from happiness to have fun, but most important to learn about what they are, Jewish. We are both full time working parents and Menachem and Adina are helping us teach our girls about their Judaism, Jewish holidays and traditions.
After 2 years of the JKC in Novato I could not ask for a better place to send my girls to."
Dalit M 

"It has been a dream come true for me to know that we have a booming community of Judaism in Novato. Thanks Rabbi Landa and Adina, my hopes and dreams to raise my family in a nurturing Jewish environment has come true!! 
The kids are so happy at jkc, they Love to learn all about the Jewish holidays and more...
Toda rabba"
Maya E