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What a wonderful Purim bash with 135 people celebrating together! A lively drum Circle, a delicious feast, a jungle experience with lots of children's crafts and activities, a "Jewish life in Africa" presentation, and of course, the reading of the whole Megillah!
A joyous event full of color. Boswick the clown had the kids (and adults) wowed, holiday themed crafts and a beautiful state of the art slideshow throughout the Megilah reading, and an exciting polling game show are just some of the highlights of a fun filled afternoon celebrating the holiday of Purim
Our first Adult Purim Party!
Purim in Israel was so much fun! Thank you to all our volunteers: Yana & Mark Kopilevich, Maya Echo, Mendel, Yehuda & Zalman, Ita and Chana Rice, Tammy Kempner, Etty, Uri Shachar & Amit Kadoch, Natalie Ferbel, Joanie Ehrlich and so many more people! May the joy of Purim increase through the rest of the year and overflow to our family and friends and may it break all boundaries!
A magical and beautiful Community Purim party! Thank you for coming and sharing the joy of the Holiday together!
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