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JKC 2013/'14

JKC 2013/'14


JKC Gallery for Sept. 2013 - June 2014

A grand carnival for our JKC was held at Chabad. We learned all about gratitude and saying thank you to G-D for everything He gives. We got to experience all the blessings - brachot - we make on all types of food through carnival booths run by our CTeen volunteers!
At the Scribe workshop,we experienced first hand 3 special Mitzvah's. Our holiest article - Torah scroll, our G-Dly security protection - Mezuzah, and our spiritual blood pressure - Tefillin.

We crafted and decorated Mezuzah cases, and practiced to write our names using a feather and ink - just like the scribe!
We learned all about being kind, respectful and supportive of friends and people around us. We decorated heart shaped cookies, which we swapped with a friend. We also made special cards which we will distribute to children in the hospital.
This JKC focused on being happy! We got in to the happy Adar/ Purim spirit by baking and decorating our own Hamantashen. We learned about the story of Purim and how to be happy and share the happiness with others. The Mitzvah mission of the month is to sing a happy Jewish song which we learned at the JKC or wish someone a Good morning you normally wouldn't have 3 times a week. The money collected over the past month's Mitzavh mission for our Charity drive to help needy children in Israel was amazing.
What a fun way to start the year. We got to design and create our very own JKC T-shirts. We learned all about prayer and communicating with G-D. Everyone brought home a Mitzvah Mission. For thanking G-D in the morning by saying the Modeh Ani prayer, each child will receive a special charm that they can wear proudly on a Mitzvah bracelet.
Shabbat Time! We learned all about Shabbat, designed our very own beautiful tie-dye Challah covers, and learned the technique of braiding Challah by having rainbow strands. That Challah sure was delicious! We ended off with watching a short video presentation about Shabbat
Matzah bakery
Ever baked your very own Matzah? Every child at the JKC yesterday baked and brought home their very own Matzah, while learning all about the holiday of Pesach and what Matzah signifies in our lives. They also got to decorate a cup of Elijah which can be used at the Seder. The Mitzvah mission is to sing the Ma Nishtana in Hebrew or English (you can use the CD and paper handed out or check our website for the audio of it). All those who know it by heart get entered in a special raffle... Happy Passover! See you all on May 13th!
End of year bash!
Wrappin up the year was bittersweet. Many fond memories from the past year were glued to our very own artistic photo pencil holder. We reviewed all the Mitzvah missions from the year through games. The Mitzvah missions will be continued through out the summer with every child bringing home their Mitzvah chart. Hope to see you all on Sunday at the Lag Ba'omer BBQ and Yossi's first haircut - Upsherin. Thank you all for an awesome year!