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JKC 2012/13

JKC 2012/13




First Jewish Kids Club
We learned all about the Jewish New Year, why we blow Shofar, and why we dip apple in honey. We had a Shofar blowing competition, and designed our very own honey dishes. We wrote letters to be faxed to the western wall, and took New Year resolutions. Kids brought home a delicious candied, caramel apple to ensure a very sweet New Year!
JKC Pizza in the Sukkah
The second Jewish Kids Club was a huge hit! What a great time we had learning all about the exciting holiday of Sukkot. We learned all about the history of the Sukkah, the Lulav and it's significance of 4 different types of people ...The holdiay brings out true Jewish Unity. Children got to experience unity and teamwork by making their very own pizza. All 4 parts of the pizza are equally important, the crust, sauce, cheese and toppings. Lesson: Every Jew is important, we each have something special to share with the world
JKC Jewish Birthday
Wow, what a party! Who knew celebrating your Jewish birthday can be so much fun! We learn all you need to know about your Jewish birthday though fun and games. Through popping the balloon, Jewish musical chairs and pass the parcel, we learnt what i so special about your birthday, how you can make it even more special, in a way that can last all year round. We also learnt about teamwork and that each one of us have something unique, that only I can offer to the world, and on our Jewish birthday we celebrate that gift. We all left with a framed certificate with our Jewish birthday, and a card with all you need to know about how to celebrate it. Can't wait for the next one!!
JKC Chanukah Fun
Wow, the Jewish Kids club got to experience a real Chanukah in Novato. We heard the story of Chanukah by Judah the Maccabee. We crafted our very own Menorah, made the blessings and lit it together. We even learned a new song Light up the night, and performed it on stage in front of 80 people at the community Chanukah Party.
JKC Tu B'Shevat
Happy New Year! Tu B'shvat is the birthday of the trees. At JKC we learned all about agriculture and the many valuable lessons we can learn from trees and fruit. We planted our own flowers, and made flowers out of fruit roll ups!
JKC - Xperience Purim
All I have to say is 3 words... So much Fun! Learning the whole Purim story, crafting our very own artistic gragger (bring them to the Purim party on Sunday and receive a prize), baking different flavor Hamantashen, and pinning Mordechai to the horse- blindfolded. All this put us in the jolly spirit.... Purim - here we come!
JKC - Model Matzah Bakery
With the upcoming holiday of Pesach, we focused on the story of the exodus from Egypt. We spoke about freedom from slavery, as well as how we can truly be free even while living in the "Land of the Free." For the first time in history, Novato had its own Matzah bakery. We baked the traditional round Shmurah Matzah - within the 18 minute time limit! We crafted and designed our own Seder plates to use at the Seder. See you all next month!
JKC - Israel: Our home FOREVER!
This month's Jewish Kids Club was all about our homeland- Israel. We experienced Israel using all 5 senses. Through delicious Falafel sandwiches, crafting our own flags, a virtual tour, Israeli songs, stories and insights, we got a glimpse into what makes this land so unique. A guest appearance by Asher - Israeli guitarist - helped us really get the feeling and passion towards the Holy Land.
JKC Farewell
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